SECRET GARDEN: Connecting the Dots @ Casa Presei Libere

Secret Garden

Secret Garden - Connecting the Dots

SECRET GARDEN: Connecting the Dots @ Casa Presei Libere
4 Septembrie

I don’t know how it is you are so familiar to me, or why does it feels like I am remembering who we are.
How every whisper brings us closer to the impossible conclusion that we have known each other in another time.
He took her hand in the Secret Garden and said: no distance … no time … just dance… the cosmic dance!

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts LIVE | circus company |

Cezar |understand|

Dan Andrei |a:rpia:r|

Emi |contur|
feeder insider w/ Emi


Cristiana Cott Negoescu
Ioana Cristina Casapu
Dragos Mălăescu
David Burlacu
Adrian Bulboacă
Alice Finichiu

35 LEI 19:00 – 00:00
50 LEI > 00:00


Emi, who is known to many as Visullucid, has brought attention to the public with his fresh and inspiring style, always eager to surprise. If you are a fan of Romanian electronic music, there’s a great chance you might have heard his tracks in the sets of a lot of artists.

Dan Andrei is another burst in the musical playground. Among the artist he has performed with we count Ricardo, Zip and Rhadoo. His style is energic, always trying to bring something new to the sound.

Ourown Cezar is a key figure in Bucharest’s underground scene, both as an influential producer and inspiring DJ. His mixing technique has been constantly inspiring artists for many years now,

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts‘s music lends itself to the indigo hue of dusk impregnated with the sultry allure of jazz. It feels impossible to predict where his turbulent creativity will be flying him next. Coutu Dumont’s work with Federico Molinari was recently released at Oslo. His last EP, Revolution in the Cycles, released at Freerange Records, not to mention his release at Watergate, makes us more anxious about this LIVE show!

Art Installation by Romanian Polaroid Photographers:

Everything that can be outside will be on the inside as well and vice-versa. It won’t take you much time to realize that all the rivers flow within you as they do without.

Positioning yourself in the center of these will be a step forward, but not the last step that should be made in progression yet. Many vectors, obliviously unidirectional paths will lead one in the same destination without really knowing where to go, until one realizes that the self does not need to go anywhere in order to be positioned in the middle of something and of nothing at the same time.

For this we usually place the person in the center of attention and we leave what surrounds us to communicate and enclose the person.

Up to this point, this dome that creates and protects us, ourselves, is nothing else but a box, and everything is a carcass if thought long enough about it. One does not see it because it’s not rectangular as usual.

Still, it encloses our reality, and reveals our contourless flow of energy.

Connecting the dots on the body!

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