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Computer Virus Gallery

Computer Virus Gallery

Olandezul Bas van de Poel a reunit ilustratori de top pentru un proiect care înfățișează unii dintre cei mai periculoși viruși din istoria internetului. Imaginile sunt foarte diverse ca stil, fiind însoțite de scurte explicații amuzante despre respectivii viruși. Deasupra, puteți admira în toată splendoarea lui retro virusul Madman, ilustrat de Jay Wright.
Madman is a DOS virus infecting .EXE files. Whenever you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL the virus displays an ASCII picture of an angry red-faced amigo. Hit your keyboard again and the virus displays the creepy message: ‘Nothing can save you here, friend – you’re in my world now!’_
Mai mulți viruși, în continuare.

DOS virus Techno infects .COM files. The virus activates randomly one out of ten times and uses the CPU audio device to play a fist pumping techno track. Meanwhile, the word ‘TECHNO’ covers the entire screen_ / ilustrație de Joost & Nick

The LSD virus is far out… This DOS virus overwrites all the files in the current directory and then displays a druggy video effect. Next it shows a message from your local dealer: ‘LSD ViRuS 1.0 Coded By Death Dealer 4/29/94 [TeMpEsT -94]’_ / ilustrație de Clay Hickson

Besides being a tennis super star / part time bikini model, Anna Kournikova is also a very effective Windows worm. The worm is designed to trick users into opening an email purportedly containing a picture of the blonde. Instead, it plunders your inbox and sends itself to the entire Outlook contact list_ / ilustrație de Sarah Mazzetti

Kenzero hides inside video files of explicit Hentai anime – 変態 – and spreads via P2P networks. Once executed, the Windows trojan takes screengrabs of your dirty web history, publishes everything online and demands a ¥1500 copyright settlement_ /ilustrație de Felipe Pantone

Ika-Tako (Japanese for squid-octopus) spreads via P2P file sharing network Winny, disguising itself as a music file. When executed, the Windows virus replaces photos, applications and vital system files with images of squids_ / ilustrație de Saïd Kinos

Crash is a DOS virus infecting .COM and .EXE files. On activation, Crash freezes the screen and runs an endless loop of rubbish characters containing all the secrets of the Universe_ / ilustrație de Andreu Serra

Nople is a Windows NT worm virus that spreads over local networks and shared network drives. On activation the worm runs an animation of furry colored graphics and displays the text: ‘¡Es hora de formatear tu disco!’, which translates to ‘It is the hour to format your disc!’_ / ilustrație de Merijn Hos

Selectronic infects .COM files and embeds itself into the memory. On Friday the 13th the DOS virus displays the text: “Countdown to Extinction…”, plays a super cheesy MIDI tune and runs an animation of the Grim Reaper marching across the screen_ / ilustrație de Mike Perry

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