The Francis Inferno Orchestra @ Gradina Berlin

The Francis Inferno Orchestra @ Gradina Berlin

The Francis Inferno Orchestra @ Gradina Berlin

▼The Francis Inferno Orchestra▼Khidja▼Rotopercutor▼

@ Gradina Berlin

With Melbourne being a haven for all things clubbing and house related at the moment, we’re very excited to announce we’re having over one of it’s freshest and most acclaimed electronic musicians, The Francis Inferno Orchestra !!!

The Francis Inferno Orchestra, takes deep house tracks and gives them a touch of disco boogie to create a soulful musical experience. He took the music blog world by storm with the release of Me & You back in November and gained worldwide support including spots on mixes by Aeroplane and The Magician.

Crafting deep disco edits of pure class, the Melbourne-based producer brings his lush sounds to the likes of Wolf Music and Under The Shade.

The Francis Inferno Orchestra aka Griffin James is making a name for himself blending in extra groove, energetic claps, slap-bass and melodic funk, the result of his music being a smooth form of deep house, packing a punch with tracks like Me & You, and Meet Me In Salt Lake City remixed by Soul Clap and Eddie C.

Ringing endorsements have come in the form of luminaries such as Mark E spinning his tracks, while Resident Advisor also pointed him out as the one to watch coming out of Melbourne.

Line up:

The Francis Inferno Orchestra (AUS)



Access 18+

Entry fee : 20 Lei


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  1. pacat ca gradina clubului Berlin a devenit atat de impersonala! pana ieri iti mai mangaia privirea un calcan de casa impanzit de iedera sau fatada unei case superbe de vis a vis; simteai ca esti in centru. dar gata! s-a terminat! ieri au pus baietii o mare copertina beck’s care limiteaza campul vizual maxim. bv! banu’ sa traiasca!

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