Gus Rodriguez – “2048” EP [Tamboa]

Gus Rodriguez, the new project by Brazilian Art Popper, releases its debut EP "2048"

Gus Rodriguez, the new project by Brazilian Art Popper, releases its debut EP “2048”

Signed by Tamboa, the release features minimalist tracks, characteristic of the artist, but with new references such as UK Garage and Hip Hop

It’s no news that the Brazilian electronic scene is full of talent to be explored and discovered. In recent years, the Latin country has shown that it is a rich source of talent when it comes to dance music, especially when it comes to the Minimal and House genres, as more and more producers are making a name for themselves around the world. But it seems that the source is inexhaustible there, with talent emerging all the time. Among them is Gus Rodriguez

This is the new project from the artist Art Popper, who has already been making a name for himself with releases on labels such as Whoyostro, depperdub, Kief and Sábia Records, and is now preparing for a new moment in his career as Gus Rodriguez. In addition to Minimal and House, with influences from Disco and Soul from the 70s and 80s, the artist has taken an interest in genres such as UK Garage and Drum n Bass, with a more raw aesthetic reminiscent of Hip Hop. 

Entering this new phase, the artist has already introduced these new inspirations to his sound, as shown in the three tracks that make up his new release, the EP “2048”, by Tamboa. Starting with the title track, the groove is built on a well orchestrated beat and the rhythm gains momentum with the futuristic vocals, teleporting us to 2048. “The Wax” follows on from minimalist lines, with bass and acid notes, and then introduces technological elements. Finally, “Shake” closes the EP by applying the Hip Hop influences that have inspired Gus, combining them with vocal samples and strong percussive lines.

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