Barbara Nádas – SOAR (video)

Promising singer, Barbara Nádas shares astonishing video

A song about my journey of self-discovery that I wrote with Aaron Kamin, member of The Kalling. The song got a lyric video that we made of my pictures shot at Malibu beach. “Soar” allows me to be who I wanna be, to fully accept both my personal and performer persona. I’ve been struggling a lot to decide my path as a singer. Although my parents supported my musical journey I was expected to learn something “normal” as a profession, so I became an economist. Life led me to different places, and created my different personalities. This song is about not holding back anymore, or trying to meet anyone’s expectations, but finding my own path, and fate which is -as far as I believe now- is to succeed as a singer songwriter.

I wanted to create a lyric video that stands somewhere in between a lyric video and the music video. Vibing on the beach represents a careless life, growing up letting myself enjoy life, my passion, and opening my mind to live wherever I want to live.

I have had an incredible journey becoming a singer, and I wasn’t always as confident as I am now and I attribute that to all of the amazing experiences during my career. When we are singing, we are not afraid, the liberated brain is unable to create feelings of fear, and it’s in these moments I have never felt more like my true self. When I was just five years old I got my first microphone, it was red, and that was the moment of no return. I discovered my passion for music and never looked back. My first gig was in a teen band where I played the drums. Years later I got the role in “Fame” a musical Hungarian Operetta Theatre. But I always felt my voice closer to my heart than any instrument. I was fourteen when I first really experienced the spotlight in a cover band. We played everything! I sang with them for ten years. It was so much fun. I grew up with the crowd dancing to our music. After watching the movie “Amy Winehouse Story” I started to write my own songs and I could feel the courage needed to perform as Barbara Nadas. I was ready, I was inspired, so I started recording my songs acapella on my phone. This would lead me to Krisztián Burai, a famous music producer in Hungary, and our first song together was born, followed by a feature that has already been seen by 1.5 million people on YouTube. I felt like I wanted to speak in a way that was understandable to as many people as possible, so in 2018, at the Berklee 5 Weeks Summer Performance Program, I decided to write and sing in English as well. I released my first english original 2022, worked with Smithmusix and Marc Urselli on it. 

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