RUN – find the lover

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RUN - find the lover

RUN – find the lover

This artwork is a woman holding on the maze. When the person finishes the maze, the person she is hugging shows up! as if the person who is finishing it helps me create and complete this artwork! 

Who is RUN?

RUN is an Iranian female street artist based in Iran/Tehran. She started street art by doing stencil graffiti during 2012 and, in 2019, she started to do free hand murals. 

RUN’s artworks are usually a combination of portraits and nature. She usually creates beautiful emotions and feelings deep inside humans which human eyes cannot see. But one can see them when you have butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies are a sign of hope and flowers are a sign of beauty.

She also paints skateboards, does digital art and NFTs, and makes pasteups and stickers.

RUN artwork can be found not only in different cities of Iran but Turkey (Istanbul / Antalya) – Oman (Salalah) – Georgia (Tbilisi) – Thailand (Bangkok – Chiang mai – Krabi (Phiphi island)) – India (Mumbai) – Germany (Berlin) – Armenia (Yerevan) – Dubai (UAE) – Indonesia (Bali / Solo city) – Italy (Pompeii) 

Street art and graffiti connect people together with creating art. Public art is a way to change cities while creating social dialogue, inspiration, revolt or wonder.

Beyond her artworks and murals, which participated in meetings, exhibitions, Meeting of styles and festival and events, she is also first female skateboarder of Iran skating, since 2009, and has done so many interviews and documentaries. Skateboarding helped her through her career and street art. For the love of international culture of skateboarding, she started to paint on skateboard decks since 2018.

Această lucrare este înscrisă în apelul deschis “Artă în lucru, nr. 2”.

Apelul deschis își propune să identifice, să premieze și publice, în paginile revistei Artă în lucru, nr. 2, trei lucrări artistice participative.

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