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Dad Of The Year

Hello, Dad Of The Year, well, first of all, where are you from and where do you live?

DOTY: Hi Team, thank you for having me! I’m originally from Montreal but lived in several parts of the world. Now, my two main hubs are Montreal and Costa Rica.

We know that you have just released on several labels, EXPmental with Starman and with a track on Leveldva’s label. Give us details about this.

DOTY: Well, I had great collaborations with both labels from the beginning. I released several single tracks on EXPmental but Starman is my first EP there, and it includes a remix from Soble. As of Leveldva, my track “The Sweeter it Is” is part of a massive Various Artists compilation of 27 tracks with names like Geju, Landhouse, Acid Pauli, Lücid and obviously so many more.

Are you closing the year with this or are you going to surprise us with something else?

DOTY: Oh no, the year is just actually starting for me! Circumstances made such that the first half was a bit slow in terms of releases, but now we are kicking off.  I have a fantastic EP coming up on Magician on Duty called “LOVE” with remixes from Landhouse, Matija and Richard Elcox, Amu Amu, Nährwerk and Joe Carl… a bomb coming up on EXPmental next Mental Picks, a remix of Soble on Random Collective… all this coming this fall!

How is your working process in the studio?

DOTY: I don’t have a process per se. Especially since I have been living in the jungle for the past 3 years, I do music where I can. Most of the time on the kitchen counter next to dirty dishes. You learn to be flexible and creative, troubleshoot and work with what you have. But I have to say that it’s very nice to be back in the studio in Montreal lately and working in a proper music environment.

We know you are an old school dj but, do you have a live act set up?

DOTY: I have been DJing for 24 years. I’m really a storyteller foremost, I like to play 4-5-6… 10 hours! That’s my thing. That is what I am good at. I like playing other artists’ tracks and If one of my tracks doesn’t fit perfectly in the story, I don’t play it. Being a DJ is the core of who I am, it’s in my bones. I don’t see myself committing to a live act now, simply because it cuts me off from all the wonderful music that is out there.

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