VA Romanian Art Vol.4

VA Romanian Art Vol.4

👾 We are thrilled to break the silence and present to you our much-anticipated creation, “VA Romanian Art Vol. 4.” This extraordinary compilation features not just one, but more than 18 exceptional artists from the ro-minimal music scene. After what seemed like an eternity, we reemerge from the depths of silence with a collection that aims to transport you beyond the ordinary into a realm of genuine emotions and creativity.

During our prolonged hiatus from music, we embarked on an introspective journey, a profound pause that allowed us to step back and contemplate the cacophony of the modern world. It seemed as if the planet spun faster, and in the frenzy of everyday life, we lost sight of the real essence, the soul of music. The taste was replaced with an abundance of sugar-coated sounds, lacking the depth and authenticity that once fueled our passion.

VA Romanian Art Vol.4” is a testament to the label’s unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of electronic soundscapes. Seamlessly blending genres, eras, and influences, the album transports listeners to unexplored realms of musical discovery.

From the tantalizing beats of up-and-coming prodigies, igniting the spark of their potential, to the seasoned veterans who have shaped the very fabric of the electronic music landscape, this album showcases a collective force of unmatched talent.

Prepare to lose yourself in the infectious rhythms of pulsating basslines, intricately woven melodies, and mind-bending sound design. Each track is a meticulously crafted sonic tapestry, meticulously designed to awaken your senses and transport you to a dimension where music knows no boundaries.

“💕VA Romanian Art” has become more than just a series of compilations; it has evolved into a tradition—our humble tribute to the thriving ro-minimal music scene. We are proud to say that each edition of “VA Romanian Art” is not only a showcase of talent but also an initiative to promote the growth and diversity of our vibrant community.

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