Celebrating Music and Nature: The 24h Festival in the Forest South of Brandenburg

Celebrating Music and Nature: The 24h Festival in  the Forest South of Brandenburg

Immerse into a celebration of music, nature, and community as the O MATO x Slow Life – 24h Festival descends upon a picturesque forest bordering an abandoned airstrip south of Brandenburg. The celebration of Slow Life‘s 10th anniversary is taking place from the 29th-30th of July, promising an unforgettable experience filled with live-bands, DJ sets, captivating ambiance, and a collaboration between two befriended collectives: the renowned label Slow Life and German Amazônians of O MATO. 

The festival concept revolves around the exploration of electronic and organic sounds throughout a full day and night. The first twelve hours will be dedicated to live concerts, where world class artists in the name of Marcos Valle and Kaidi Tatham will grace the stage, enthralling the audience with their signature styles and musical genius, alongside talents like Dimitri Zina, Coco Maria and Slow Life’s very own S. Moreira & Band, and Indi Zone.  

As the sun sets, the atmosphere will transform, and festival-goers will venture deeper into the forest, where sets by renowned artists such as Desyn, Matthias, Laurine, Cecilio, and the O MATO DJs  will keep the energy flowing. The nearby chill out stage will be pulsating with the sounds of Wun Two and Beat Pete as well as 2StepBec and Logidy, who will ignite the night with their seamless mixes and  infectious beats. 

TICKETS: https://ra.co/events/1686888

Main Acts / 

Marcos Valle is a musical visionary and a true icon of Brazilian music. With a career spanning over six decades, Valle has consistently pushed the boundaries of genres, blending bossa nova, samba, jazz, and funk into a unique and infectious sound. As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Valle has captivated audiences around the globe with his distinctive voice, masterful compositions, and unparalleled musicality. Throughout his career, Marcos Valle has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including the groundbreaking “Samba ‘68” and the influential “Previsão do Tempo.” His music has transcended borders, influencing generations of musicians and becoming a timeless symbol of Brazil’s rich musical heritage. Valle’s ability to infuse his compositions with irresistible melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and vibrant rhythms has earned him a place among the greatest musical legends of our time.

Kaidi Tatham, a prodigious musician and producer, is revered for his virtuosic abilities and innovative approach to music. With an impressive career spanning multiple genres, Tatham has been a driving force in shaping the contemporary jazz funk, broken beat, and electronic music scenes. As a founding member of the influential Bugz in the  Attic collective, Tatham has pushed the boundaries of sonic exploration, infusing his compositions with a fusion of soulful melodies, rhythms, and electronic textures. Throughout his career, Kaidi Tatham has collaborated with an array of esteemed artists, including the likes of Jazzanova, Theo Parrish, and  2000Black.

The Collaboration /  

As Slow Life is turning 10 years old this year we decided to celebrate this adequately. Having shared a mutual passion for dance events and quality music for several years, the DJs, promoters, producers, curators, and friends from the same scene join forces for this special event. 

Slow Life, founded in 2011 by Laurine, Cecilio, S. Moreira, and Santi Uribe alias Indi Zone, has become a staple in the Berlin underground scene, with their positive, genre-crossing music and carefully curated events. With nearly 40 label releases and a reputation for meticulous selections and extended DJ sets, Slow Life has made a significant impact. 

O MATO embarked on its journey in 2017 with the  inaugural O MATO Experience, a 10-day music and  adventure festival on an island nestled deep within the Brazilian rainforest. Since then, the collective has established itself as a formidable presence in the Berlin scene and beyond. With collaborations and showcases in cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Paris, and many more, O MATO events are renowned for their naturalistic and organic  style, always seeking out the most unique open-air locations. 

The collaboration between Slow Life and O MATO is a culmination of their shared dedication to pushing boundaries and creating a blend of electronic and organic music. By combining their expertise, they aim to deliver an unforgettable celebration of music, art, and community, as well as Slow Life‘s decade-long label work.



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