feeder sound 406 mixed by Danny David & Ranchoo

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feeder sound 406 mixed by Danny David & Ranchoo 001

For this episode of our podcast series we invite Danny David & Ranchoo to deliver a taste of their inspiring b2b sessions, diving deep into the realm of electronic music.

Danny David fell in love with mixing and producing electronic music at the age of 13 and didn’t stop ever since. Recently he’s been making a big name for himself in the Tel Aviv scene putting effort into expanding the limits of dance music and participating in unique events, often playing at renowned venues like The Block and The Breakfast Club. Nowadays he managed to build his dream studio which is where he spends most of his time exploring various shades of electronic music. Throughout time he collaborated with labels like Inwave, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Soblazn, Hungry Koala, Welter and Simple Things while his next solo vinyl release is announced to arrive soon on Denis Kaznacheev‘s Nerv Music.

Ran Liani aka Ranchoo had his first gig when he was 14 years old, playing goa trance in front of his schoolmates and childhood friends who were expecting to hear mainstream pop music. It was very surprising, exciting and scary at the same time but he ended up having fun and wanted to repeat the experience so he started to explore more styles and genres. As he always loved playing the drums, nowadays he’s a drummer in a groove metal band called Nulkon and most of his inspiration in the electronic music world comes from progressive rock and metal to which he adds his own vibes. He and Danny have performed numerous times together at top clubs in Israel while also spending countless hours in the studio, working on their own production focused on minimal techno and microhouse. Among the many magical b2b sessions they had together, the one they did in London at Goosebumps is definitely one of them.

“After meeting one day at a house party me and Ranchoo quickly became best friends and it’s something you can hear when we DJ together. We understand each other in such a natural way that it made complete sense to us to start playing sets together, creating our own events and a record label called Fox Tail Records. We heard great stuff about the famous Goosebumps boat party in London and we finally got the chance to perform there alongside an incredible line-up. It truly was a night to remember. The club was pumping that night and we knew we had to record that set. We had an amazing time in London and this is our memory from there.”

Danny David

feeder sound 406 mixed by Danny David & Ranchoo swirls and twists, unfolding an organic and groovy affair that swings to carefully selected rhythms and textures perfect for the dancefloor. From driving minimal techno and trippy microhouse cuts to broken beats and experimental sounds, the selection provides everything you need to put on your dancing shoes, adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride. The set was recorded at the Goosebumps boat party in London.

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Words by AndreiB

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