Meet Vince Bowen and his Minimal House made in Brazil

Meet Vince Bowen and his Minimal House made in Brazil

This is what happens when an artist reinvents himself

by Rodrigo Airaf

We present today the refreshing sounds of Vince Bowen. Developed by the Brazilian DJ and producer Giovane Cardone, this project synthesizes the deep relationship that the artist started having with Minimal a few years ago. This fact gave him a reset on his 12-year career – before that, he had two other pseudonyms in dance music and was already a prolific studio geek. 

It is a good thing he was bewitched by Minimal’s atmospheres, so now our scene gets a good producer that proved his potential within the genre via his 2022 releases. Starting with “Promise Street“, via Sintoniza Records, Vince Bowen demonstrates an interest in maintaining a constant and essentialist groove in his tracks. This release took place in June.

The following month, July, would see him again clarify his intentions with his music. “We’ll Be Dancing” is a three-track EP where Vince Bowen seems to be able to make hypnotic elements sound jazzy. For Not For Us Records, he also starts to release a more dynamic musical facet, exploring broken beats between the drops.

In his studio in the Brazilian city of Balneário Camboriú, where he lives, Vince has produced yet another interesting EP before 2022 came to an end. In September, he delivered a balanced journey between old school elements and today’s agile Deep Tech grooves for IWANT Music. Acid House is also an honorable mention here in “Anti Social EP“.

Even though he just started releasing under his new alias, Vince Bowen seems to be having a superb momentum with Minimal, which has reflected on the quality of his productions. His curious and creative exercise in approaching different sound palettes without losing his identity will keep us wanting more. 

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