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Crâne de Poule - Tsunami Alert EP [Lescale Recordings]

Crâne de Poule – Tsunami Alert EP [Lescale Recordings]

Crâne de Poule – Tsunami Alert EP [Lescale Recordings]

An architect by profession, Crâne de Poule studied music at the conservatory when she was younger playing the violin and percussion for a decade and in recent years ventured into music production and live performances. Those early classical and jazz influences can be found in her music productions as she oscillates between Techno and House, performing live, with her keys, analogue synths and drum machines. For Lescale Recordings’ 31st release, Crâne de Poule presents 4 original tracks that take us on a consistent musical excursion exploring a mixture of tech rhythms alongside a healthful dose of brilliance to work the floor. A plethora of melodies, percussions, chords, keys, vocal stabs and psychedelic swirls of bleeps collide to create an immersive and captivating soundscape.

Artist: Crâne de Poule
Title: Tsunami Alert EP
Record label: Lescale Recordings
Cat. #: LR031
Genre: Techno
Release date: 23/12/2022
Release format: Digital

Words by: Patricia Raimundo

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