London Based Loverground Releases “Sexymus Maximus Vol.1”

London Based Loverground Releases "Sexymus Maximus Vol.1"

London based Loverground steps forward with his finest work to date in the form of his “Sexymus Maximus” album, landing in the coming months on his own Loversounds imprint. The release will be split into two sectors with “Sexymus” representing day time energy, and “Maximus” steering towards club room atmospheres. The vibrant “Sexymus” will land 9th December 2022 on digital platforms, the 8 track EP manoeuvres between bright and shimmering moods for different scenarios, and moments of life. Dipping its toes into deep house, and melodic areas giving you that surge of happiness we all crave during the fall and winter months. 

You are glided into the experience by familiar London accents, combined with mellow tones, automatically drawing influence from Loverground’s current home. An affirmation of this is the name of the track “Lewisham Is Home”, melt in your mind pads combined with the uplifting keys give you an injection of positivity. “Out In The Park” uses a mysterious voice to tease you into the elasticated groove, strong notes of summer time vibe inside. The “Just A Girl” journey embodies Lovergrounds emotive yet colourful sound throughout, classy day time action. 

Easy” is a gorgeous house encounter with a distinct forward motion, driving you into the pinkest sunset you have ever seen in your life. Coming in directly with a playful outlook is, “The Serge” utilising enthusiastic keys, and killer bass lines. With a lower centre of gravity is “Stinky First”, don’t let the name deter you, a chugging and low leaned track offering up a different taste to the EP. The ethereal tones of “Braxfield” finish off this well polished body of work, gliding blissfully through beautiful textures, gently bringing you back down to earth. 

You can expect “Maximus” early 2023, aiming for the club room tastemakers amongst us, animated action from a producer coming into his element, showcasing his diverse and essential sound wandering between genres as he works.

London Based Loverground Releases "Sexymus Maximus Vol.1"

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