‘Faded Figures’ is the new collaborative EP between Silent Travelers and Unknown Observer

'Faded Figures' is the new collaborative EP between Silent Travelers and Unknown Observer

The 5 tracks contained in this EP were built upon the narrative of the Silent Travelers project, the ambient alias of New York-based composer Brian Lee. Silent Travelers was born as a means of storytelling through the sensory experiences of who Brian refers to as silent travelers. Using a combination of field recordings and synthesizers, the narratives are imaginative, yet told entirely through atmospheric textures and dreamy ambient soundscapes. On this Faded Figures EP; Silent Travelers has joined forces with The Netherlands based project Unknown Observer, specialized on immersive ambient soundscapes, exploring themes about imaginary dreamworlds, nature, sci-fi & space and introspection.  

Silent Travelers has given us the story behind each of the tracks that are part of the EP:

A Lone Trail (track 1), Our story begins following the long and lonesome trail of a broken spirit. An outcast, lost, in search of his inner truths. As he continues on his path through deserted landscapes, he begins to experience a strange feeling… The Hideout (track 2), along the way, the strange feeling persists being in the presence of the spirit. It feels as though he is being guided by it. A faint light is coming from the distance as he gazes into the gorge. He tries to make sense of it all… A Deep Awareness (track 3), the presence grows stronger as he begins to make sense of the sensation. Some kind of connection is manifesting from afar. The growing connection feels like an aiding companion, guiding him towards a better understanding of himself… Correspondence (track 4), after a lifelong journey, at last, the spirit feels like he is heading in a clear direction. Suddenly two figures appear from atop the dunes. Cautiously, he approaches them. As he moves closer to the figures, their presence starts to feel more comforting. Everything seems to fall into place at this moment… Disclosure (track 5), the figures guide the spirit on a path of self-discovery and ultimately help him realize his true purpose in life”

Faded Figures EP is out now worldwide on Valley View Records and you can listen/download it here

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