feeder sound 357 mixed by Steve Bug

feeder sound 357 mixed by Steve Bug 01

Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this Friday’s musical adventure brought forward by Steve Bug, a forward-thinking artist and one of the pioneers of modern electronic music.

Steve Bug is one of the worldwide electronic music scene’s true pioneers and forward-thinking artists. His relentless commitment to quality, reflected both in his own work and in the many producers he has championed, has made him one of the most revered artists and curators, rolling along with his labels Poker Flat, Sublease Music, Audiomatique, Dessous Recordings, Traffic Signs or Raw Elements. Throughout time, he made a sizeable contribution to building the European house and techno scene as we know it.

Over the past two decades, Steve has been nurturing his Poker Flat imprint into one of Germany’s most notable record labels, releasing eight albums and countless EPs whilst holding down an impressive career as a DJ as well. His debut EP on Aus features Mr. V with his historic and powerful spoken word vocals on the A Side depicting a genre’s golden era. Cinthie’s remix on the flipside takes the original from classic into contemporary as she always does which is probably what led her to be the next in line for DJ Kicks. The Back To ’95 EP is a trio of cuts that will take centre stage in any set this spring, that’s for sure. So, with all this being said, let’s dive into this amazing set Steve has prepared for us in order to better understand what’s this all about. Expect a next-level joyride right here!

feeder sound 357 mixed by Steve Bug will take you on a journey into steaming old-school house vibes, elegantly mixed with new techno treats as well as the artist’s own introspection related to his latest release. Time to get back to real house music here. The selection includes tracks from artists like Formasoul, Tovi Sound System, Oliver Shories, Port Manteau, Jovoon, Mark Jackus and Inner City, among many other amazing gems, ready to make you dance in seconds. Enjoy the ride!

Formasoul – Get In The Groove (Chocky remix) – Morris Audio 
Just Me – Things – Moiss Music
Legit Trip – Around – Jack’s House Recordings 
Tovi Sound System – With Love 
Josh Wink – Balls Back – Ovum 
Mark Jackus – Yebu – Love International 
Oliver Shories – Honto (Deetron Chord remix) – Pracht
Port Manteau – Coladas – W&O Street Tracks 
Dachshund – Division – Poker Flat 
Inner City – Back Together Again (Reese Project Dub) – Network Records 
Steve Bug – Back To ´95 (Cinthie remix) – Aus Music 
Jovonn – Play For Today (Underground mix) (Ricky Montanary & Neeraz remix) – Album Only
Steve Bug & Cle – Let It Go – NuGroove 

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Words by AndreiB

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