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Adjust the volume of your speakers and let the weekend begin with Armenian selector Catchinclouds at the controls!

Passionate about electronic music since he was a teenager, Aram Margaryan aka Catchinclouds joined the underground music scene in his hometown Yerevan in Armenia soon after he graduated from high school. The city is small and quality sounds always spread fast, so he spent many years playing at all of the major local night clubs alongside local hard hitters and international acts while holding multiple residences and special events. For him, it’s all about the mood and deep hypnotic grooves which brought him closer to minimal techno, microhouse and that specific Romanian sound.

Throughout time he explored various nuances of electronic music, developing his distinct style which translates into quality selections focused on minimal rhythms and textures, elegantly crafted for people to enjoy wherever they are. Among the clubs and festivals where he performed we find Lantern (Beijing), Aurora (Beijing), Arkham (Shanghai), Celia (Shanghai), Mansion (Shanghai), Oil (Shenzhen), Shelter (Hong Kong), Great Wall Festival, Summer Wonderland Festival, Antifestival (Italy), Cercle w. Acid Pauli official afterparty at Basement (Yerevan), Tivi (Georgia), Makarena (Barcelona) and Desoner (Bali).

I have gathered a few friends who are very much into minimal and deep sounds at one of my friends’ workshop. As you can already understand the place itself is very atmospheric and cosy and the recording of my set was an exceptional experience because everybody at the workshop knew that this one goes straight to Romania. I would like to thank you for giving me and my friends this chance to enjoy the moment.


feeder sound 299 mixed by Catchinclouds sets off with immersive minimalistic vibes and slowly evolves into a dynamic journey flavoured with groovy cuts carefully picked in order to create organic transitions and an intriguing narrative from the very first second to the last. Perfect to get you into that sweet weekend mood. Enjoy!

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Words by AndreiB

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