I Don’t Speak French drops new single ‘Blow The Speakers Up’

I Don’t Speak French drops new single ‘Blow The Speakers Up’

Swedish producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Håkan Persson AKA I Don’t Speak French has unveiled his new single ‘Blow The Speakers Up’, out 5th August.

An infectious pop jam, ‘Blow The Speakers Up’ combines catchy hooks, pitch-perfect vocals and carefree acoustics. The track is set to be used to soundtrack the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Peter, Bjorn & John, The Beach Boys and The Beatles, I Don’t Speak French’s music has previously been used on commercials for an array of shows, including Teen Mom, Real World and Catfish.

Characterized by its undeniably catchy whistled chorus, ‘Blow The Speakers Up’ is destined to become a global hit.

Buy/Stream ‘Blow The Speakers Up’ Here

Click here to watch the Samsung commercial

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