Farid Odilbekov – , EP [PhonicHouse1]

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Farid Odilbekov - , EP [PhonicHouse1]

Farid Odilbekov – , EP [PhonicHouse1]

Farid Odibekov, one producer of which his sound is so well expressed that he can’t stop releasing good music. Thanks to his experience, PNH017 is written digitally with his name, on the top with an awesome track that we all, behind the label PhonicHouse1, are always full of energy and happiness when played that you, the reader, must listen to it before the other two tracks on the EP! Additionally, the genre approached is one full of passion and dedication for life and love, what the underground scene lacks nowadays. The analogue strings approaching the middle of the track are well put în place with the arp sound which is not truly recognized as being so but gives the right rhythm to make your feet dance in any circumstances.

The city where this track was made is Moscow, the land of inventions, at least we can presume he was there at that time, though for certain, an inspiration for him! Admitting that not only the dreamy pad from the beginning does the trick is when the track kicks in with all the sounds, delivering the best sound a track for its purpose, meaning for people.

To sum up our idea, we at PhonicHouse1 want to gather only the best tracks for you to have a blast on the dancefloor and as always, future Eps are awaited to be released already!


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1. mn
2. pn
3. sn


Artist: Farid Odilbekov
Title: ,
Label: PhonicHouse1
Cat. number: PNHLP017
Release date: 27.06.2020
Format: Digital

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