Ludwig Buez presents “Astra”, with a remix by Petar Dundov

Ludwig BUez Astra

Ludwig Buez presents “Astra”, with a remix by Petar Dundov

No Purpose Records is back with its secondo release, and it will be a big one!

With “Astra” Ludwig Buez show us here his more melodic side with a very well balanced track led by an evolving 101 style synth riff recorded live and mixed with pads that brings an emotional perspective to the song.

When we asked to our friend Petar Dundov for a remix we knew we requested one of the best producer & we haven’t been disappointed at all, Petar kept the main melody but decided to cut few parts to give a darker mood to it, we loved at our first listening!

Out on No Purpose Records on May the 8th!

ARTIST: Ludwig Buez
TITLE: Astra
LABEL: No Purpose Records
GENRE: Melodic Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05-08-2020

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