Discover The Pianist at the End of the World a new painting by AEUL in the feeder shop

The Pianist at the End of the World by AEUL | original acrylic painting on canvas

The Pianist at the End of the World (Pianistul din capătul lumii) by AEUL | original acrylic painting on canvas

It brings us great joy to introduce a new and original painting by Romanian artist AEUL, that illustrates the relationship between graffiti and music. The artwork, titled The Pianist at the End of the World (Pianistul din capătul lumii), is painted in acrylic on a 70 x 50 cm stretched cotton canvas, in 2020, in Bucharest, Romania.

The theme of the painting introduces the story of a blonde wavy-haired version of AEUL‘s infamous pig-dog character, taking on the role of a soft gazing pianist who plays on a cliff, flanked by what looks like an oak or a pine tree, overlooking an endless sea. The main character, who lends its name to this artwork, is unsuspectedly joined by a second character, a flying pig-dog with long pink feathered wings and a bright nimbus above its striking eyes. What is truly understated in this work is the intricate use of blue and purple hues applied by the artist to create the water and skies.

The original artwork comes with an authenticity certificate and it is signed by the artist.

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About AEUL

If the Romanian graffiti community would have a key-symbol, then surely it would be the piggy-dog created by AEUL. Present uptown and downtown, on the streets and on the main road, the piggy established itself a real reputation on the urban scene. Find out more about the elusive artist by reading our feeder insider interview with AEUL.

“I don’t think anyone counted them (n.e. the characters), I lost track around 500. Some disappear, some show up…”


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Text & Photo: Cristina Popa (random), Andrei Racovițan (ubic) / © shop

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