[UPDATED] Lucky nights with DJ Vasile and his memorable track Nu vrei să mergi? produced in 1999

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DJ Vasile - Lucky Nights Mix '999

DJ Vasile – Nu vrei să mergi?

Lucky Nights

Lucky or not, believe it or not, but this is one of the tracks that started everything here in Bucharest. As you probably know, DJ Vasile is one of the pioneers of alternative music in Romania, in the real sense of the word. This was never his goal, but a method to open and pave the way for many of us to the music that formed, educated, amused and entertained this city, and perhaps even the entire country.

Nu vrei să mergi? meaning Don‘t you want to go? is recorded by DJ Vasile in 1999. It seems like a lot of us took this alternative path, and here we are writing about this piece of history surrounding the local Minimal Techno, Tech House and its beginnings.

The impact of this sound played on TV and only at a few clubs like The Web club or Studio Martin, just nine years after the fall of communism in Romania, was quite small.

Only a few years later, after Rhadoo did an edit, this track got the attention of a wider audience.


Unfortunately, it is still criminally unknown and unplayed. You can find here the entire track spanning over 11 minutes, so you can enjoy discovering the roots of the Romanian club culture and the sounds that shape the underground movement.

About the “wild years” of the ’90s, you can read furthermore the extended feeder insider interview with DJ Vasile, from where we extract this quote:


“The quality of the sound ruined a lot in the past, now I’ve noticed greater care in this direction, whether they’re clubs or events held in nature.”


After 21 long years, the entire set recorded by DJ Vasile in 1999 is on youtube. Thanks to Victor Plastic who put the effort and passion to transfer the mix from a cassette in a digital format, you can now hear this piece of history for the first time ever. As you can see on discogs, only a few cassettes are available and at an insane price. Sit back, relax, hit play and experience time travelling with DJ Vasile.

Artist: DJ Vasile
Title: Nu vrei să mergi? // Lucky Nights Mix ‘999
Cat. number:
Release date: 1999 
Format: Cassette
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal Techno, Tech House, Electro

Words by Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

Images by Victor Plastic aka glass, via discogs.


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