Iuly.B @ Fruits&Beats Romanian Underground Electronic Music

Iuly.B Fruits&Beats Romanian Underground Electronic Music

Iuly.B @Fruits&Beats Romanian Underground Electronic Music @ The Stage

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Va asteptam in fiecare miercuri la Alta Parte in The Stage pentru 4 ore de Fruits & Beats Livestream.
De aceasta data vom dansa alaturi de Iuly. B
Program live: 19:00 – 23:00
Intrare Libera

Fruits & Beats live stream este un canal de muzica electronica unde artistii agentiei de booking Zebra si prietenii lor vin in fata voastra cu cele mai recente productii din zona ro minimal / techno.
In mare masura artistii invitati sunt din Romania dar in functie de disponibilitati, vor veni cu siguranta, artisti pe care ii indragiti si din afara granitelor .
Am ales sa pornim distractia in fiecare miercuri de la ora 19:00, considerand ca e destul timp de refacere pentru cei care s-au distrat in weekend si ca e totodata o zi a saptamanii, in care putem apela la artistii ce ii dorim sa ii avem fata camerelor. Setul se va intinde pe 4 ore, o durata ce poate fi o provocare si pentru artistii experimentati.
Din pasiune pentru ceea ce facem, Zebra booking si ALTa pARTe by The Stage s-au unit pentru a promova acest concept nou in Bacau.
Bacaul este un oras din Romania cu o bogata istorie legata de muzica underground. Target Underground si Zebra sunt doua dintre cluburile care au promovat si propulsat artisti care acum fac audienta maxima pe orice scana.
Cele doua echipe (The Stage si Zebra ) ce stau in spatele Fruits & Beats au in spate peste 20 de ani de activitate in industria muzicala si se pot mandri ca au contribut un pic la succesul unor artisti ce sunt acum capete afis la toate festivalurile din lume ( Raresh, Barac, Dubtil etc )


One of the most interesting Romanian talents rising from a younger wave of producers, Iuly.B (Iulian Bivolaru) is an artist based in Iasi, a major city in the North-Eastern part of the country.

The young producer has a specific depth of field that’s loaded with percussive details, making its ambient sensibilities feel active rather than passive. Deep, hypnotic energies are forged into merciless basslines, born out of his own imagination and keener sense of space.

With the continuous flow of releasing an ideal amount of tracks, showing dedication and passion for what he does, along with playing
in different important venues across Europe, South America and Australia, in the recent years, he managed to make a name for himself.

He is all about discovering and reinventing himself through music. He is self-taught and hard working in order to achieve the perfect
matching sounds, leaving behind his own legacy.

His records fly off the shelves as soon as they go on sale. We’re talking about a comprehensive discography, having credits on more
than a dozen EPs in the last years, for renowned labels such as Rora, Visionquest, Mui en, Subtil or Fuse London.

He’s also steadily playing on a regular basis, opening for important names in the industry, such as Priku, Cezar, Praslea, SIT, Julian
Perez, Ion Ludwig, Christopher Ledger, Alci and many more.


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Fruits & Beats Livestream

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Fruits & Beats Livestream is an electronic dance music channel where the artists of Zebra Booking Agency and their friends come in front of you with the latest productions from the ro-minimal and techno scene.
Most of the invited artists are from Romania , but depending on availability, will definitely come artists you love from outside the borders.
We chose to start the fun every Wednesday from 7 pm, considering that there is enough time to recover for those who had fun on the weekend and it is also a day of the week when we can call the artists we want to have in front of the cameras. The set will run for 4 hours, a time that can be a challenge also for experienced artists.
Out of passion for what we do, Zebra Booking and ALTa pARTe by The Stage have come together to promote this new concept in Bacau. Bacau is a city in Romania with a rich history of underground music. Target Underground and Zebra are two of the clubs that have promoted and powered artists who now make the maximum audience on any stage.
The two teams (The Stage and Zebra) behind Fruits & Beats have over 20 years of activity in the music industry and they can be proud that they have contributed a bit to the success of artists who are now headliners at all festivals in world (Raresh, Barac, Dubtil etc.)


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