RADAR – Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities


RADAR (Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities) is a bold initiative to support and empower the local new media art scene by providing a novel local context to bring talented upcoming artists and makers to the spotlight. Our goal is to seek out and help congregate creative studios and freelance artists that innovate in the artistic, cultural, scientific and educational fields.

Designed as a talent-scouting platform, RADAR is scanning for creative movements and trends currently emerging, where new media plays a key role in refreshing the concept of art and its manifestations. Our main target is set on artistic opportunities and quality projects that can be later displayed in a collective, larger context, for art and tech aficionados to witness. RADAR will expose the Romanian public to an innovative, playground-style event format, one in which they can experiment contemporary art interactively, to the point of breaking boundaries.

Between November 1st and 3rd, Filaret Electrical Plant (see directions here: https://bit.ly/2LLwmOd) will become an immersive space featuring more than 30 artists, new media studios, research and educational institutions. Their collaborative efforts will promote artistic expression through cutting-edge technologies and interactive narratives: virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, video mapping, interactive installations, video game art, robotics, sound design, education & playground.

➡️➡️Ticket price: 35 Lei

Join us for an event where art and technology are intertwined to amplify sensory functions and challenge how you perceive reality.

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