[STUV003] Shyam & Quazee – Totem EP

[STUV003] Shyam & Quazee - Totem EP

[STUV003] Shyam & Quazee – Totem EP

This time the release of the underground series will be special. The music for this split EP was written by two artists – Shyam, founder and owner of Simple Things Records and Quazee, a talented musician and part of Simple Things Family. Their tracks have been already released on the label, both on vinyl and in the digital version. The music for Totem EP is very “volumetric”. Atmospheric in its depth, even with some notes of hardness.

Dedicated to all pets that left us and now on the Rainbow Bridge. Sure they’re having a cool party there!

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Artists: Shyam, Quazee
Title: Totem EP
Label: Simple Things Records
Cat. number: STUV003
Release date: 07.08.2019
Format: 12inch Vinyl

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