Edvin Wikner – Top 5 Remixes

Edvin Wikner - Top 5 Remixes

Currently breaking through into the underground scene via the form of a huge release on Per Hammar’s Dirty Hands is the talented, Edvin Wikner. The ‘Skritt’ EP features one original from the Swedish producer, and three remixes, one being the label boss, Per Hammar, the prolific Rowlanz, and the creator of the recent summer bomb ‘Fury’s Laughter’, S.A.M.

The Maraton label founder recently told us his five favourite remixes of all time…

All Night (Stephan Grieder & The Persuader Remix)

“A clash of the Swedish Svek titans, this is stripped-down house at its best. One of those records that never leaves the bag.”


Abba 002 (Shakarchi & Stranéus Abba-Dubb)

“The first time I heard this track it immediately found a special place in my heart. The same applies to Daniel Stranéus and Faik Shakarchi, the people who made it and with whom I have the privilege to be friends. It’s a bit surreal, since the track entered my life years before they did. I can’t really put my finger on what makes this track so special and I’m not going to try either. It’s just one of the most powerful tranquilizers on the market. If my mind decides to freak out, this one takes me down. Once it hits you, it’s just so good.”


Illegal (Bigga Bush Version)

“Tough rhythms, nice chords and a super cool bass line. What else do you need?”  


The Mother (Margaret Dygas Remix)

“An amazing interpretation by Dygas of Ambiq’s (Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer) mind-bending improvised jazz. A perfect collision of extremely talented musicians and inspiring minds.”


Undercurrent (Ion Ludwig Epicura Sunday Interpretation)

“This is, without doubt, a special one for me. A beautiful 12-minute interpretation of an original recording by myself and long-time friend and awesome producer Per Hammar by the artist I hold in the highest of regards, Ion Ludwig. The remix explains why I do. Also, it’s the first release for Maraton, a label that I share with the finest person on the planet, Martin Malmliden.

Hope you enjoy the tracks and thanks for having me!”

Skritt EP: https://www.deejay.de/Edvin_Wikner_Skritt_DH005_Vinyl__933126

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