Pe alee – Vera, John Dimas & more @ Halele Carol


We know you’ve been patiently waiting for our next journey. We traveled together “Back to the Present” but now..times have changed. Let’s make a trip to the industrialization era. We’ll meet on the 23rd of August at Halele Carol, surrounded by industrial architecture and a small rim of nature.

You’d better come prepared for this load of awesomeness cause Vera will be with us, blasting in our ears alongside the brilliant John Dimas, Dan Andrei and Suciu and last but not least, let’s allow ourselves to be surprised by the unusual yet amazing b2b between Guy From Downstairs and Vlad Arapasu.

Maybe we’re not travelling to Berlin but a small glimpse of its industrial vibes will be brought to you by us.

Update your calendars, time travelers!

More info soon…

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