New Media art installations @ Electric Castle 2019


New Media art installations @ Electric Castle 2019

2019 brings new media art installations in the garden of and inside the Banffy castle, at Electric Castle. Scroll to discover an abundance of artistic concepts and processes.

MEMO Akten – Body paint

New Media art installations @ Electric Castle 2019
Our body is a vessel for emotional expression. We have a natural instinct to express ourselves with movement. Body Paint taps into this and combines it with our desire to create – even more so, our desire to create something beautiful.

Materials: infrared light, code, projection


RNDR – Uncode (2019)


An interactive installation that visualizes how creative coding works by exposing its mechanics. Creative coding is a process of experiments, mistakes, and iterations, often manifesting in a visual outcome. It lies in the duality between the mystification and demystification of the visible.

Materials: projection, code, foam, wood, camera feed

The hemisphere – Uncode as a teleport to the festival stages and their surroundings. Visitors can interact with the multi-temporal visualisation of live stream data by walking towards the hemisphere.

New Media art installations @ Electric Castle 2019 the hemisphere EC2019 Unfolding the hemisphere – The work is taken apart; mechanics are unfolded to give insight into how the work was made. This room shows the medium – software, sensors and data, the process and the authors.



Nonotak – Leap v.1 (2019)


A grid of floating light surfaces oscillating to a site-specific sound design interplay with the architecture of the stables through a choreography of shadows and light.
Materials: led light, sound and light programming – Deep Jet Lag (2019)


Generative visuals, accompanied by sounds created on modular synthesizers driven by random algorythms, take over the castle ceiling – expanding it spatially and changing its structure to a fluid membrane of concrete and rock.
Materials: code, projection, sound


Children of the Light – Diapositive (2016)

new media art installations - children_of_the_light_EC2019

Light materializes inside a rotating circle, appearing as thin film suspended in the centre of the room. Darkness becomes visible and quasi-tactile as it enters into a game of presence and absence with the animated light.
Materials: metal, motors, led, haze, sound

Digital Interactive Arts Master’s Program – Babeș-Bolyai University

New Media art installations digital_arts_2019

A series of student projects that propose an immersive experience based on light, video and sound, where one can see and be seen at the same time, unlocking new territories of perception.
Teacher: Rodica Mocan
Students: Ana-Bianca Tudorică, Ruxandra Hule, Andra Purdea, Alexandra Mureșan, Adelina Laura Bulibașa

New Media art installations digital_arts_2019

Shohei Fujimoto – Crystallized Line Segments (2019)


A kinetic sculpture reflecting controlled light beams generated from custom algorithms. Light becomes chaotic, yet architectural material, filling the room with temporary traces.
Materials: projection, custom software, mirrors, motors, haze, sound.

Matthew Schreiber – Last Light (2019)


Underwater footage shot during an astrological event slowly becomes pure light, transforming the chapel into a visual and sonic pulse, leading the mind to a meditative state.
Materials: wood, fabric, led, projection, sound, chapel.



Olivier Ratsi – Spectrum (2019)


Inspired by Newton’s research on light, the installation can be viewed from multiple perspectives, but fully resolves from a single point. Interacting with the tower’s current architecture, this anamorphosis reveals the colour spectrum of light in a perfect grid.
Materials: polycarbonate tubing, metal, cables, wood, custom code and led texture



List by Alexandra Bujeniță.


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