Nipocra with an awesome EP titled “Chase the Sun”

  • by Adam

Nipocra with an awesome EP titled “Chase the Sun” [Bevel Rec]

Nipocra gets on Bevel Rec with an awesome EP titled “Chase the Sun”. This new job features two sublime tracks built on hypnotic grooves and enriched by an awesome dark and progressive atmosphere, that will literally take your mind on a journey.
First you’ll find the title-track “Chase the Sun”, featuring some mesmerizing lead vocals creating a dreamy background for the progressive arpeggio. Next comes “Kepler”, with a more uplifting, but still reflexive mood.
Out on July 27th on Bevel Rec!

ARTIST: Nipocra
TITLE: Chase the Sun EP
LABEL: Bevel Rec
CAT. #: BVL001
GENRE: Progressive House / Deep House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 29/07/2019

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