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Time to feel electric here on feeder sound! Dive in some serious groovy music delivered by Alejandro Paz 🚀

Born in Santiago de Chile, Alejandro Paz is well-known for his vibrant productions and selections, as well as for his energetic performances on stage, where he sings and dances while the music showcases the latest sounds of the Latin panorama. He collaborated with bands like Genéricos and The District Union and remixed artists such as Javiera Mena, DJ Pareja, Eurocrats and Auntie Flo. In a unique fashion, he blends all kinds of genres with exotic flavours and lyrics in both Spanish and English creating distinct tracks that pass the test of time.

We all know the classic “El House” or “Free” and “Inside Job” EPs released with Cómeme back in the days, or definitely caught him playing somewhere, as he travels a lot sharing his vibe at numerous parties and festivals. In Bucharest, he played at Club Modern in 2013, he was on the line-up at Rokolectiv 2014 and had a gig at Control Club in 2016. At that time, he also produced “Ladrones” show on Radio Cómeme alongside Avril Ceballos, constantly transforming rhythms, melodies and samples to reappear in a new context, from one place to another, from one decade to the next, showing the twisted and unpredictable ways music can go. Aside from his collaboration with Cómeme, Alejandro‘s works have been published by labels like Sanfuentes Records, Huntleys & Palmers, Discos Pegaos, Her Majesty’s Ship, Discos Pato Carlos and Aeropop Records, to name a few. Throughout time, he shared the decks with a lot of international artists, while also performing delightful solo acts in various locations around the world. His style incorporates elements from house, electro and disco, carefully combined with Latino music in order to create amazing dancefloor anthems.

“This mixtape includes a lot of new Latin American music, especially from the last releases of my label, Discos Pato Carlos, and also a few unreleased stuff. Enjoy!” – Alejandro Paz

feeder sound 215 mixed by Alejandro Paz takes you on a journey full of colour and sounds, packing an engaging selection for the mind, body and soul. Grab your dancing shoes, adjust the volume and properly prepare yourself for the upcoming weekend. Enjoy the rhythms!

1. The Chica – Utopía Pop / Alejandro Paz y Eddie Mercury Remix (Discos Pato Carlos Unreleased)
2. Fred Berthet – In late / Rodion Remix (Feines Tier)
3. Passarani – Minerals (Offen)
4. Elias Deepman – Wabi Sabi (United Colors of Rhythm)
5. Ana Helder y C. A. Ramirez – Don’t know why (Discos Pato Carlos)
6. Max Jones – Honk (Discos Pato Carlos Unreleased)
7. TFried – Si me buscas, me encuentras (Discos Pato Carlos Unreleased)
8. Andrea Paz – Bali (Discos Pato Carlos)
9. Valesuchi – Bombas (Discos Pato Carlos)
10. John Barera & Ike Release (Episodes)
11. S-DM – La teoría del caos (E-Beamz)
12. Luke Vibert – B-Pschit (I love acid)
13. Mijo – Crosscheck (Disque Discos)


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Words by AndreiB


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