One Night Gallery / Love Ana Bănică @ Monteoru House 

One Night Gallery / Love Ana Bănică

One Night Gallery / Love Ana Bănică @ Monteoru House 

Mythical creatures, welcoming wildlife, sneaky cats and free-flying birds – they all live together in Ana Bănică’s imaginary jungle and for our first edition this year they take over the magnificent Monteoru House, in an immersive new media art exhibition.

Ana Bănică is a designer and visual artist based in Bucharest, who describes herself as a “cheerful illustrator playing with gouache colors and pencil sketching”.

At One Night Gallery those analog means of expressions will come alive and turn into light shows powered by Aural Eye, augmented and virtual artworks, interactive installations reimagining a street from Globalworth District and Uber Green or holograms.

And, for what is most likely a national premiere, an artist’s work will be used to generate Live Neural Art via an AI-driven algorithm driving the artistic style transfer.

Neural Artistic Style Transfer is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique which allows us to extract the visual style of an artwork and then to redraw, in that particular style, any other image.
Sounds neat, right?

It’s built using deep learning and neural networks, currently the hottest trend in the field of AI. If this sounds too technical, think of it as software which learns on its own from examples, as humans do. And we are applying it to visual arts!

Our in-house style transfer AI analyzed several illustrations created by Ana, in order to learn perceptual features about the visual style: color palettes, shapes, textures, brushes and more abstract traits.

At the end of this training process, our AI is now primed to create new “artworks”, by transferring the learned styles onto photos and real-time videos. As you’ll witness at the show, what we obtained is pretty cool.

So, at this One Night Gallery edition, you’ll get the chance to teleport yourself via AI into Ana’s illustrations. 😊

Get a feel of it by scanning our poster with dARe by Samsung – Ana’s characters will be transposed into different styles, previously derived via AI from her artworks.

Download the app from Google Play or App Store and take it with you on March 30th to unveil Ana’a artworks.

Vibes: Bombay Sapphire & VRTW Artists
Virtual Reality: Tastemakers
Sound: DjSuperStore

Free Entry

Limited Car Park / Uber Green Recommended – you’ll definitely use it after seeing its dedicated installation designed by Ana and Aural Eye.

Project co-financed by AFCN


One Night Gallery is an exhibition concept focusing on Romanian contemporary new media art.
We are all about showcasing local artists, re-purposing unconventional locations and encouraging artistic experiences through technology.

And then have an after-party.



To promote One Night Gallery // Love Ana Bănică and our partners, at the event we are going to take pictures, video and audio recordings that might also include your voice or image. Attending the event represents your approval to use these visual and audio materials on our social media platforms – One Night Gallery (Facebook and Instagram) and on our partners’ channels. The materials will be used until the goal is reached. Also, the materials are going to stay on social media and not going be deleted as they are used to promote One Night Gallery and our partners.

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