VaiVem Records delivers “Tateeno EP” by Portto & Levi Lenz

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VaiVem Records delivers "Tateeno EP" by Portto & Levi Lenz

VaiVem Records delivers “Tateeno EP” by Portto & Levi Lenz

Newcomers on VaiVem Records, Portto & Levi Lenz, deliver a solid release titled “Tateeno EP”. The original track evolves seamlessly from a progressive techno groove to a very melodic and emotive banger. With its spacey pads and atmospheric leads rest assured it will get lots of reaction from the crowd. Further enhancing the EP, Aminad’s remix takes it a step further with a more driving approach targeting those peak dance floor moments, and Eric Farias presents us a great Progressive interpretation with a major melody twist for the breakdown.

ARTIST: Portto & Levi Lenz
TITLE: Tateeno EP
LABEL: VaiVem Records
CAT. #: VVRD012
GENRE: Techno Progressive
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 01/04/2019

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