phaebel present their debut album "BASIS"

Last updated on January 31st, 2019 at 12:07 am

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phaebel present their debut album “BASIS”

Imagine rainy days where you feel a need for calm and melancholic music. Imagine one of those euphoric days when you want to dance through the whole day. Or one of these days when you feel nowhere more heroic than in a car, with windows open while enjoying the appropriate roadtrip tracks. phaebel creates something that has seldom been; with their debut album “BASIS” they deliver the perfect soundtrack for each of these days.

The two guys from Frankfurt and Eisenach do not care about conventions or genres and mix the different musical ingredients to an incomparable soundscape. With a mix of electronic, post-rock, ambient and experimental sounds they create a kind of „Post-Electronica“. Always accompanied by analog synthesizers and live recorded guitars, “BASIS” takes you from the first song into a unique and liquid

Responsible for this is above all the filigree and handcrafted sounds of countless synthesizers and samples in the up to nine minutes long songs. The additional guitars and vocals give the whole music an extraordinary dynamic and warmth.
The incredibly detailed and atmospheric remixes by the great artists Melokind and Skyence round off the whole thing.

ARTIST: Phaebel
TITLE: Basis
LABEL: Fuchsklang Musik
CAT. #: FUKLA022
GENRE: Electronica
FORMAT: Digital
18.01.2019 (Beatport exclusive)
01.02.2019 (others)

Words by Reach Promo


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