Lunar: Amorf Live & SIT

Lunar: Amorf Live & SIT

Lunar: Amorf Live & SIT

On 29th September we’ll be dancing in the moonlight together and we’ll wake up the sun for after-party, as you already know.

For the first time in our city, these amazing guys, AMORF (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia & Mischa Blanos) are gonna let us feel all their energy turned into the LIVE techno beats that we crave.

The weather is getting colder but we wanna let you know that we’re just getting warmer.
So, get your ticket and your friends, put on your dancing shoes and meet us on a perfect new location, Hala Fix.

Amorf live
Mischa Blanos
► Cristi Cons
► Vlad Caia
► Haldous

Get your online ticket from here:

Ticket point available soon.

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