SEVN. w/ Vlad Arapasu x Macarie x Radu Mirica b2b R107 x Dece

SEVN. w/ Vlad Arapasu x Macarie x Radu Mirica b2b R107 x Dece

❝ SEVN. w/ Vlad Arapasu x Macarie x Radu Mirica b2b R107 x Dece x SECRET B2B ❞

The world seems so grey and dumb and you feel trapped in this machine-like society where the stars are a luxury to see. So why not create your own world? A place where your imagination becomes reality, where your desires are no longer out of reach, where you can see, touch, feel and be yourself without restraints, a world full of colours and lights, giving you the chance to feel alive, where it’s not about just a party, it is about the experience of a lifetime, for those in search of new sensations. This sounds incredible, right? We are doing this, creating the perfect environment to fulfill your needs, where there’s only space for the music that you love. SEVN. is about your world, where the parties never end.

The story behind SEVN. cannot be explained in words, that’s why we selected some of the best artists to explain it through music.

♫ Line – up: ♫

‣ Vlad Arapasu

‣ Macarie

‣ Radu Mirica b2b R107 ( )

‣ Dece

↳ Tickets:

⊝ Rules: ⊝

The ticket bought in advance will provide access anytime.
This is a private event, we reserve the right to select our guests!
Access strictly forbidden under 18 years old!
Don’t drink and drive, stay safe!

The following are prohibited:

Access with any weapons or objects that may endanger the safety of the participants;
Bringing, consumption, possession and traffic of any substance prohibited by law;
Violent behavior and incitement to violence;
Verbal, racist or sexual molestation;
Theft of any kind;
Damage or destruction of facilities, equipment or any other object in the location.

➟ Location:

☀ Str. Divertismentului nr. 1 [Divertiland] ☀

Local Transport: RATB – 137, 126, 236 | METROREX: Metro Station Pacii | Taxi/Uber/Taxify: Estimate price from Bucharest Centre – 20/30 RON

​♫ Soundsystem: Funktion – One
♦ Visuals and Lights powered by Sound Stage EVO

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