FLUID _ Morfolina _ live & after

FLUID - Morfolina - live & after

FLUID ⇶ Morfolina ⇶ live & after

Doktorate de la Morfolina
#FLUID – the parents of techno-faggothique
unique lives + dj sets
to celebrate the highness of spring 2k18
Morfolina ♡ https://soundcloud.com/cosmina-morosan ♡
an avatar for digging into abstract morphologies in order to celebrate and reconnect their lines of affinity plays with texts and beats samples (scintillations?): something is being produced or not. Scandal, boredom, complexification, acts of joy.
The cartography of love envisages a multilayered sense of working on/in/with the reality – one that mingles poetry and music in the name of a (compulsory) non-egotistical Event.
#FLUID (born 2016) ♡ https://soundcloud.com/fluidbucharest ♡
a queer act based in Bucharest – is the collaboration between Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker (performer, choreographer, playwright), Alex Bălă (musician) and other warped creatures. Using sound, music and the microphone as weapons against civic neutrality, FLUID is the initiator of the lifestyle and neo-genre techno-faggothique.
The duo’s live appearance premieres some new poetic juicy tracks to bend the waves!

tickets at the door: 15 ron

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