Transylvaliens Festival 2018 – 5th year anniversary edition

transylcalliens festival 2018

Transylvaliens Festival 2018 – 5th year anniversary edition

👽 The aliens have landed! 👽

In the heart of nature, far away from daily life, stressful environments and crowded cities, we welcome YOU, aliens from all over the world, to a one-of-a-kind open-air gathering where the most amazing people coexist in full harmony like one big and beautiful family. Surrounded only by the beautiful scenery of the wild Transylvanian landscapes we celebrate people, nature and arts through music, painting, visual projects, theatre shows, handmade workshops and a lot of other activities that bring us together.
2018 is our fifth birthday, so we want to make this anniversary edition of the Transylvalliens Festival as huuuuge as possible, with world-class artists and more amazing activities. We found a new and dreamy location and have prepared some fantastic and fresh surprises meant to make the gathering an unforgettable experience for you.
For the first time this year, in addition to our legendary Hive Stage, where fantastic goa trance & psychedelic trance artists from all across the globe will gift you with their music, we have added the new Shapeshifter Stage. This will be a place where artists from different backgrounds will enchant us with their sound in a unique mix of styles and genres, from Alternative to Techno.

Transylvaliens 2018 lineup:


ShivaTree // Sacred Technology // ISR

Boom Shankar // BMSS REC. // DE


Yatzee // Maniac Psycho Pro // ITA

AUM – Ovni Records// Ovni Rec. // RO

Anoxia // L300 // DE

Comsat&Petar //Psychotria Rec. // HU

Flanger Strangers// Y-Production // HU

Green Cosmos // Y-Production // HU

Hashashin // World People Prod. / GreenTree rec. // BE

Dj Hruscsov // Y-Production // HU

N-kore // Biopulse Mutagen Rec. // UK

Proton // RO

Silver Sully – Biopulse Records // Biopulse Rec. // RO

Yondo&Monchic // L300 // DE

B:Hex// RO

Zenesis // RO

Shuva // RO

Emisphere// RO



Mihai Popoviciu // Cyclic // RO

› adub // DSCNTD // RO

Biar // HU

Ciprian Popa// RO

Gyx // RO

Kashlinski// Tech Odyssey / Apple Room Rec. // RO

Ovexx // Tech Odyssey / Apple Room Rec. // RO

Wruce Bayne // Tech Odyssey / Apple Room Rec. / RO

Steve PH // HU

Suzie-Fleur // NL

DJ Syl// RO

Toygun // Cyclic // Ro

The lineup is still open, so all eyes and ears on us for the next artists.

Join the global Alien family and meet new and exciting people, dance under the summer sky, relax in the sun, heal and meditate in the moonlight, disconnecting from your everyday life and celebrate arts and nature with us at the Transylvaliens Festival 2018 – 5th year anniversary edition!


Your Transylvaliens family! 👽

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