Bucharest checkpoint: This is the most loved coffee shop in town

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Bucharest checkpoint: This is the most loved coffee shop in town

Are you out of inspiration when choosing the next place to go out with friends? We have a great idea for you: pick a place that can serve you an interesting mixture of drinks, stories and a great experience.

One of those places is Contego the Coffee Factory, a cozy coffee shop in the heart of Bucharest (click here) that roasts its own coffee, and where you can taste the real specialty coffee experience – from bean to cup! Also, they have a location in Greece as well, you can check it out here.

Not so long ago, at the end of last year we asked our readers what is their favourite place to enjoy a good cup of coffee in Bucharest. It was an exciting race, but in the end, our responders decided that Contego The Coffee Factory is the coolest place in town to enjoy a delicious cup of Joe. So, of course we had to try it ourselves and report back.

Experiencing the exciting world of coffee

So what makes this coffee shop so special? First thing I noticed was the warm and friendly atmosphere, everyone seemed so relaxed and familiar that makes you feel that you just walked in in an episode of Friends or Cheers. Many people come here with their laptops to work and nobody seems to mind. It’s a nice twist, given that more and more cafes in Bucharest have forbidden customers to use laptops.

Another cool thing at Contego The Coffee Factory is that they roast the green beans right in the cafe, behind the bar, so the atmosphere is filled with delicious fresh roasted coffee aroma, and you can even smell the coffee just passing by on the street. Speaking with the Contego team, I found out that they are producing many of the products they use in the coffee shop. They now make and sell coffee syrups (with all the delicious flavours you can think of), toppings, aromatized coffee beans, hot chocolate and more.

Almost every week they have live jazz concerts in the coffee shop – so check out their Facebook page if you are in the mood for good music and see what exciting new artist sings this week. Also, Contego team is invited to make good coffee at many events in Bucharest and other cities in Romania, it’s a true testimony of their passion for coffee.

In the coffee shop they have a good variety of coffee recipes from espresso to brew and they also have a good selection of wines and beers, so it’s a little bit for every taste. Also, if it’s summer, don’t miss the big garden in the back of the coffeehouse. It’s a real nature oasis in the middle of the city.

From bean to cup

When I think about my visit and my experience with The Coffee Factory, a motto pops in my mind: “Coffee makes the World go round!”. And it’s true. The team at The Coffee Factory, starting with the owner and ending up to the baristas, have a real passion for good coffee. You can feel it all around the coffeehouse: the walls are hand painted with scenes from coffee farms, the tables are engraved with maps of coffee producing countries, the lights above the bar are portafilters, even the little touches of décor are made out of coffee bags; everything breaths “coffee” at Contego The Coffee Factory.

I was lucky, so I could see the roaster making his magic, roasting the beans right behind the bar – it’s quite a learning trip for a coffee passionate like me. You can feel the real specialty coffee experience, seeing the journey of coffee, from the green bean to your cup of perfection. The Coffee Factory brings the beans from all around the coffee producing countries, and they sell only single origin. The most popular origin in the coffeehouse, the one that they usually have to serve, is Columbian coffee. And it is truly delicious, especially in a Flat White.

All in all, I recommend this experience to every coffee lover out there. So put your cup of Starbucks down and come and taste a real fresh roasted coffee at Contego The Coffee Factory.


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