Mihai Pol – Pamparam EP [Synesthesia]

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Mihai Pol – Pamparam EP [Synesthesia]

After releasing Apus la Cariera EP with Trick Track Records in October, Mihai Pol returns early this year with Otk003 EP being pressed at Otaku Records and Pamparam EP at Synesthesia. Based in London, United Kingdom, the label presents its second release, an EP that features two original tracks and a remix signed by the well-known Romanian artist, Suciu.

The EP is designed in Mihai Pol’s unique style, each track having its own story to tell, yet presenting itself as a smoothly blended journey, as the sounds seem to evolve from one track to another. “Pam” kicks in with a distinct wobbly bassline that sets the mood for the other layers, the percussion and the atmospherics being morphed along into an ever-evolving sound that features vocal cuts to emphasise the transitions, a rhythm that is passed on to “Param“. At this point, all the layers expand into a more complex programming, the percussion and the vocals cuts merging into a hypnotic balance that flows with elegance when the pads start to make their presence felt. On the remix, Suciu takes the groove from “Pam” and creates a version that is more glitchy and techy in nature but perfectly adds up to the feeling of the EP.

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Grab your copy of Pamparam EP at deejay.de

Artist: Mihai Pol
Title: Pamparam EP
Label: Synesthesia
Cat. number: SYNSTH002
Release date: 02.01.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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