JP Lantieri presents “Shiraz” on Flemcy Music


JP Lantieri – Shiraz [Flemcy Music]

There’s another wine tasting happening at Flemcy Music, with your trusted sommelier JP Lantieri.
After letting you taste the two previous progressive-techno white wine grapes “Riesling” and “Chardonnay”, the wine lover and Flemcy’s boss is back with a deep progressive red wine grape: “Shiraz”.

This melodic tune will charme you with the very intense and pleasant perfume of its arpeggios, and the earthy, complex, structure of its melody will enchant your hearing, and it’s accompanied by a sweet remix by Alec Soren, characterized by a tech-house approach in the groove, and a more stripped-down melody.
“Shiraz” will be a perfect pairing for any listening sessions, both if you’re sitting in your living room with a glass of red wine, or you need to serve a tasty track to break the monotony on the dancefloor.

Don’t be afraid to get a little tipsy, and enjoy the night with “Shiraz”.

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