VID, Ioana Milea, Epitet, Iawgom @ Motiv

VID, Ioana Milea, Epitet, Iawgom @ Motiv
This year started off with a bang, and we have a few surprises in store for you, music lovers.

On 30th of September, we’re celebrating Vid and Ioana’s birthday with a social gathering at which all sounds belong to a continuous field of possibilities lying within the comprehensive dominion of music.

Feel free to join us and have a very good time together.

VID aka Egal 3 [Andromeda]

Ioana Milea



◆ Entry fee: TBA
◆ Wardrobe
◆ No smoking inside.
◆ A stress-free environment.
◆ Zero tolerance to drugs.
◆ Be safe, don’t drink & drive.

In order to keep a friendly environment, we reserve the right to choose the people we feel good with, only 18+ allowed!

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