Mooz – Victim EP

Mooz - Victim EP

Mooz launches Spain.based Hidden Suite Records with Victim EP

Hidden Suite Records is Mooz’s brand new, Spain-based label that plans to summarize the techno he appreciates the most.

Victim EP is the label’s first installment, featuring a remix by Swedish techno-power Hertz, kickstarts the new label. 4/4 runs through the core of this collective, ornamented with punchy percussion and detuned sequencing. Holding 20 years of producing experience, Mooz is by no means new to releasing – Pornographic, Soul Access and Naked Lunch are to name a few of the labels he’s released with. Coordinating frequencies to vibrant sampling, Victim disrupts the 125-130 bpm blueprint with leftfield techno waves.

The first production, Victim, is a movement of acid clicks and descending, detuned sequences followed by a call and response bassline.

Pitapat subs and progressive frequencies, climax towards a multi-dimensional apex, filled with crisp textures and fleeting pulses in Probeta.

Hertz opens Victim with cosmic spaced-out blips. Off-beat open hats are a constant throughout this remix, solidifying the clean cut drive that Hertz is going for.

Victim EP will be available via Mooz’s label Hidden Suite Records on Sptember 11th.

Artist: Rowlanz 
Title: Victim Ep 
Label: Hidden Suite Records
Cat. number: VRV2
Release date: 11.00.2017
Format: digital

Words by: Bryony

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