Mahony – Clear Cut EP Review

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Mahony – Clear Cut EP

For the fifth EP on VL Recordings, Hector presents Romanian DJ/ Producer, Mahony.

Mahony is best known for being at the helm of the Romanian techno scene as the chief booker for Sunwaves Festival, and Kristal Club where he had his first brush with the electronic music scene as a young and aspiring DJ-producer.

The first thing to notice about the EP is the the cover art, the seemingly thresholded image stays in the lo-fi Vatos Locos aesthetics. It’s made by Ken Hanamura, a Berlin situated graphic designer.

Vatos Locos

The first track, Clear Cut starts is minimal with some shiny scratches and puffy bass kicks. The kick at the beginning transforms/fades into a groovy bass line. Some pitch-changing vocals appear at some points and add an ambiguous cvasi-humane texture of this suspenseful, multi-layered and even dance opener track.

Mahony – Clear Cut (Livio & Roby Remix). The second track is… for the lack of a better word, wacky – there’s a lot of friction and clapping going on. It’s a deep, groovy song and it sort of transcends immediate understanding, as it has a lot of atmospheres and thematic directions.  It’s a complex track – an eccentric and glamorous song that provokes one’s body to move.

The third track, Diagonal w/ Clarkent starts off with the same bass kick as the previous one. A good thing when mixing, I guess, and it’s fun to see a theme approached differentlyThe beat is more organical and human than the previous ones. The coolest thing is the accordion-ish harmony that makes its way in after the first third of the song. It’s memorable, uplifting and very fun.

Diagonal W/ Clarkent (Guti Remix) is amorphous and gets you fractally lost in a world where tribal meets techno. There are voices everywhere – it’s like listening to the soundtrack of a foreign movie, because it’s the only thing you understand, trying t make sense of the story trough the visuals.

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Artist: Mahony
Title: Clear Cut EP
Label: Vatos Locos
Cat. number: VL005
Release date: 02.05.2017
Format: 180g, vinyl only

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