Super Flu – Musik 3 LP

Super Flu - Musik 3 LP

Childhood is… not being afraid of flying. – feeder insider w/ Superflu

Mathias and Felix,  the two components of Super Flu, bring us a new LP.

Musik 3 creates realities filled with joy,  melancholy and enthusiasm.

The LP starts with 3.1, an upbeat ambient track crafted with very light textures, almost in the other sense of the word ” light ” -it feels like a gentile sunrise. The tribal rhythm sets the stage for the rest of the tracks.

We then get to Insi,  a funky and elegant track with a retro vibe. It has a dancy rythim and there is an outgoing trumpet-sounding theme that makes the track stand out and become memorable.

The third track, V13A, is an alert escalation into another space. Like looking at a space ship that, half way trough beaming you up, starts to dance. It has a solid constant beat with gentile sounds that make the journey comfortable.Super Flu Musik 3 by Falko

We then escape velocity with Interlude 13 Feat. Andhim and go into a soft, ethereal soundscape.  Mygut shakes us out a bit with some rough and eerie textures. It’s fun to observe the dynamics between the poetical mellow vocal and the ever more enthusiastic instrumental.

Gausa is an wild, tropical and straight to the point track that makes you want to dance. It’s followed by Pwf Fel, a stable landmark in the Musik 3 LP. K5000 is strong and deep, almost oriental at times.  The solid construction melts down at one point  and comes back even deeper and stronger.

Interlude 3 Feat. Hauschka is a playful pause that feels like being in a toy factory.  Mine*you  Feat. Ole Biege is a late night deep hum with a trance inducing narration. The sounds chosen by the artists add a mysterious and almost spiritual element to the track. Skorr is  alert, with a strong cymbal and clap that progressively move you towards a point (or just physically move you).

That point, I think, may be found in 2Dabea, the last track of the LP. The manifesto is clear – we hear kids that tell us to get down and jam with them, to the beat.


Available for presale at (there’s also a limited signed edition)

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Artist: Super Flu 
Title: Musik 3 LP
Release date: 17.07.2017
Format: vinyl

Words by Ioan-George Pancencu

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