WORKSHOP JAN BURKHARDT // Fundaments of movement&perception into contemporary dance @ CNDB

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The workshop takes place everyday between 16th and 20th of August at National Dance Center

You can sign up for it only through a CV and a letter of intent, both of them in English, to be sent to the e-mail address The contact person is Ana Papadima – +40740 276 865.

The entry fee is 100 lei.

We begin every day with a training based on the basic six exercises of the Bartenieff Fundamentals that are the base of most contemporary dance techniques and are rooted in the work of Laban Analysis. They are exercises and principles based on early childhood developmental movement and perception and focus on fundamentals such as breath,core support, upper-lower body connection, weight&level shift. To access these we work from the base of our movement patterns in order to strengthen them and to change and widen our repertoire. This will allow us to enhance functional efficiency and differentiate our expressivity in dance technique and improvisation.

From here we focus on bringing our perception channels to a state of immediacy and to let our motor system become maximally reactive.

This happens through applying explorative anatomical research as well as opening improvisational structures, the impact of music and the reference of the space around us, including the relationship to the other dancers.  Both physical, emotional and mental boundaries will be touched, questioned and may be moved. Each moment has the potential to change everything!

Throughout the week we create a mutual vocabulary of sharing space and time together as we go deeper asking the same questions including how to bring this state of immediacy into a performance situation.


Jan Burkhardt is a dancer, choreographer and musician based in Berlin,Germany.

He is certified Laban-Bartenieff-Movement-Analyst and has been exploring contact improvisation, BMC, contemporary dance techniques and improvisational approaches for many years.

Jan teaches and performs and coaches internationally in different artistic and pedagogical settings (among them the dance departments in Berlin, Cologne, Stockholm and Copenhagen).

Since 2007 Jan works in close collaboration with director Laurent Chetouane , and since 2011 with Sebastian Matthias and keeps creating his own work, the latest being „ vexations“ with his collegue Kerstin Kussmaul in co-production with ImpulsTanz, Vienna 20009 and „schweigstück“ with F.Willens for tanztage , Berlin 2010.

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