LIZZ – Endz008 EP

LIZZ - Endz008

Things really started to pick up for LIZZ, Petre Ionuț Valentin by his real name, after his first release Sunet Introspect was out at Music is Art (MIA002) back in 2014. Since then, he and his partner in crime, Cosmjn, have made the track Berto which was played at many parties by DJs such as Crihan or Petre Inspirescu and more recently LIZZ featured on Why so series VA Part 1 alongside the mysterious Mierea Dor.

LIZZ started to play at some important parties at Midi Club since last autumn and just a few days ago he was a guest at Midi Summer Jam with Cosmjn, Incolor, RQZ and VincentIulian.

LIZZ - Endz008

The first track, Memory Soul, has a nostalgic feeling to it – the bass line drives you towards a never ending bliss and it does a wonderful job of warming you up for what’s ahead.
Things really start to get intense with Freack Me. This track is something else: it has some alluring vocals with a hypnotizing effect on the listener. It is no wonder Priku played it at Sunwaves 19.

You can get the record here. [1x each customer!, LTD, vinyl only]

Release date: 23.06.2016
Label: Eastenderz
Catalog number: Endz008

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