SIT – Sideways LP (Part II)

It was a lovely Monday afternoon with the sun shining over the Sunwaves tent where Cristi Cons and Alexandra were delivering some wonderful sounds just perfect for an afterparty. This was the 16th edition, back in august 2014, and everyone was chilling by the beach and enjoying the music. All of a sudden, I noticed a little change in the rythm and when I looked at the decks, Cristi Cons was just taking over from Alexandra. What I was hearing was definetly something else and the vibe quickly changed in the crowd. The energy was all over the place and people really started to dance. It was clear to me that this had to be another unreleased SIT masterpiece.

Well, only one year and a half and many, many parties later the track that drove me mad at that Sunwaves edition is finally here. Feel That Way by SIT was released as part of the romanian duo’s latest LP: Sideways (Part II). The song has an amazing energy in it and what is truly interesting is that the first five minutes serve only as a warm-up for when the song wholly unleashes itself. The subtile, but imposing vocals are a lovely touch and it really makes you feel that way.

We’re happy to say that we had a chat with SIT when they were guests of our feeder insider series:

Initially, Amphia was a personal platform with the purpose of hosting our friends’ music and our own. The first releases were focused on our own productions, as we were enthusiastic about launching some of the ideas we shared. With time, we decided to welcome other artists. In the future we’ll try and launch music that’s as varied as possible, while maintaining the label’s identity.


With the part two of the Sideways LP we enter the SIT musical universe and what we find is surely amazing. Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia deliver six tracks spread across two records and they start off with Seller’s Walk, a track with some funky twists and a delicate kick meant to warm you up for what’s next.

Hallo is actually a very subtle and captivating buildup with an atmospheric feeling for the next track which is Feel That Way.

I may be biased, but to me Feel That Way has the promise of being the best romanian record of the last few years. It’s all there: the energy, the acid sound, some outlandish violin sounds and of course thrilling vocals.

We take it Step by Step next and it is here that we can really feel an excellent track for an afterhours session. Cezar knows best.

Furtuna is the perfect storm: some handsome hi-hats, a haunting voice to send some shivers down your spine and a solid techno vibe all over it.

Moody is our final stop and it is a superb ending: a downtempo record to calm you down from all the madness before it.

SIT clearly have a very modern and brave approach when it comes to electronic music and the second part of Sideways LP is a true testament to their legacy. It is one stunning piece of art, a real journey which builds up slowly and you won’t even know what hit you once you’ve listened to it all. If you don’t believe us, have a listen on YouTube since Amphia uploaded all six tracks to their channel but we strongly advise you to buy it: it would certainly be a wise investment.

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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