Atmos #25 w/ Barac, Kaitaro”LIVE” & More @ Fuse

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Atmos #25 w/ Barac, Kaitaro”LIVE” & More @ Fuse
22 Ianuarie, 23:00

Atmos is back at the Fuse for this special 25th editions!
With a super Romanian producer ” Barac
& a special (Live act) Of Kaitaro Our artist Japanese from Berlin! + Our support local our resident , Geoff Wichmann !

In other words a new adventure to follow… ..

Born with a soft spot for music, he managed to gather years of musical experience, which can be felt and tasted in his productions just like a fresh opened bottle of an old wine.
Dedicated to good vibe and harmony, this artist warms up our souls and brings a smile on.Getting more and more known for his real name, Barac, half of the NoiDoi crew decided in 2012 to extend his solo works.

❖ KAITARO (DE) [ Atmos ] ” LIVEACT ”

japanese artist Kai (aka Kaitaro Nakajima) was born in 1977 and growing up in Tokyo, he started djing at the age of 17.
He took his first step by spinning Hip Hop records, but later got into the world of minimal techno and house music in around 2003.

Since he is actively producing his own minimal tracks in 2007 he changed the base of operations to berlin has been performing live since 2007.

2013 he started own labels with his label mate yoske it,s called Note records and first EP,s (kaitaro NR01 EP) title “Magic channel” included Magda,s mix cd. and 2014 and 2015 he continues to a new release from the label around the world. And now in berlin concentrating on live gigs and track productions.

❖GEOFF WICHMANN (BE) [ Atmos – Lessizmore ]

He started in Belgium with a House style at the age of 16 in the 90s and has been in the world of Electronic music for more than 15 years. Today He’s focusing on this music.
In 1999 he opens his own record shop in North of France.
He signed his first record with the Label MindHouse Rec (1999). Their production is out on “Toys For Boys, Resopal Schallware, Niveous Tracks, Rationalism Records ,Readymade, Landed Productions, Lessizmore, Danza Macabra, Homecoming,Atmos & many more..
Geoff now resident of Atmos.

OPENING: 23h45


“Thank you for the trust, thank you for your support and your loyalty.” STAY TUNED!

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