feeder sound 62 mixed by Vivi.St

feeder sound 62 mixed by Vivi.st

feeder sound 62 mixed by Vivi.St

If you don’t know him yet from the Bucharest Fixed parties or the endless nights at Terasa Baraka, Traian 42 or Aviatorilor 9, which he stirred up with the help of his Inhere crew, then it’s high time you got acquainted with Vivi.St. DJ and producer from Galați, Aurelian Stoleriu a.k.a. Vivi.St made his way up on the local, as well as international music scene through a style combining the aural drama learned through years of sound designing theatrical productions with the precision and exigency of an underground techno connoisseur. His tracks speak volumes of a complex personality and the musical backdrop which shaped it, but until his next release is out on Eighteenthirtyeight, we’ll have to make do with words to discover him.

Inhere showcases the bright and groovy side of techno and house, whereas Outhere represents the experimental, dubbier side.

feeder sound 62 mixed by Vivi.St: ”I like pushing composition as much as possible towards sound design, make it cinematic and dissonant, I use field recording a lot and more tone scales than classical music. It works better with the play’s space and the way you watch a show, sitting, whereas electronic music requires a bit of movement so jazz or funky swings are a better fit”. Enjoy!

Vivi.st: soundcloud // facebook
feeder sound: soundcloud // feeder.ro


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