Insight. An eye on Bucharest’s art galleries

Insight. An eye on Bucharest's art galleries

Insight. An eye on Bucharest's art galleries

INSIGHT looks upon contemporary art galleries in Bucharest. Through the artistic directions they follow, the way they communicate and through the cultural clusters they represent, galleries speak about the city’s spirit. An overview on the galleries enables a better understanding of the contemporary cultural environment. Here and now, we have varnishing days, ongoing expositions and developing liaisons between art and society, technology and spirituality. We ought to gain an overview and to partake in the cultural environment that we live and evolve in.

Insight. An eye on Bucharest's art galleries [full movie] from Insight Documentary on Vimeo.

AMFAD (All my friends are dead)
Item Caligo

Olimpia Malai recorded at Taine Multimedia Studio

Ana-Maria Gavrila, Andy Ionescu, Bianca Dumitru,Cristina Tinta, Laura Marin, Mirela Momanu, Phil Grey

Centrul de Excelenta in Studiul Imaginii
Asociatia Exposure

DOP/Director/Editor/Producer: Miluta Flueras
Key Production Assistant/Graphic Design/2nd Camera: Simona Carapet
Screenwriter/Production Assistant/Still Photographer/2nd Camera/Publicist: Edina Berbescu

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