feeder insider w/ Bross [en]

feeder insider w/ Bross


feeder insider w/ Bross [en]

Bross is the name promising to stay on your lips and your Soundcloud search bar after a summer at Terasa Baraka. A dj and producer from Huşi, living in Bucharest, Bogdan Alexandru a.k.a. Bross adds a human heartbeat and a wave of emotion to his Deep House and Techno sets and shares his musical universe every week at Radio Deea on Roots. We had a chat with Bross about his direction in music and his plans as a producer, the artists who inspire him and the need to keep learning new things.

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Hello, Bross!

[please, fill in the blanks]

When I was a kid… I’d go to my grandparents’ in the countryside and have fun 😀
The morning starts just fine with… a bit of dance.
Of all the musical equipment I have, I’m mostly drawn to… Traktor Kontrol X1
The first thing I tell myself before a live set is… ready. set. go!
I have a few places in Bucharest where I like to go out… Baraka, Trattoria Roma, Terasa Monteoru, in the park.
So far this year I had the most fun… at the Burn Residency showcase.
I have other hobbies as well, such as… cooking.
I feel at home… at Mihai’s place.
I find peace in… Justin Martin & PillowTalk – The Gurner (Tanner Ross)
3 electronic music producers who have inspired me lately… Andre Lodemann, Tom Trago and Johannes Brecht. Recommended!

Alexandru Bogdan: Hello, Bross! We’re delighted to be able to talk to you! We’re dying to know, how is your musical journey so far? What did your first experience with a musical instrument feel like and when did you start using players?

Bross:  My pleasure! I’ve been very curious since an early age. Starting with the first keyboard my father gave me, up to my encounter with players, which enlightened me as to what you can do with them behind the turntable. What you can convey to the people in front of you and the moods they go through, mostly influenced by your input as a dj. It’s amaaaaaaaazing!!!

A.B.: Deep-techno from soul to soul! Nice! Music that speaks to the heart of the audience. Can you tell us a bit about the themes which inspire you in the making of sounds?

Bross: Production is currently at a stage of gathering more information. I realized it takes a lot more skill than just being able to hit 2-3 keys. For my music to reach the point that I envision, what is required is musical knowledge and experience behind the turntables to get a sense of what catches on. In terms of inspiration, the first thing that springs to mind is Matthew Dekay, an incredibly talented dj and producer, and I can think of a quite a few others who are just as good: Pattern Drama, Bedouin, Pachanga Boys, Ame, Matthias Meyer, YokoO, Till von Sein and many more.

Say hello to Bross



A.B.: Roots introduced us to Never Over, then Kurtiss Kromm, Gus Emmet or Bog (Anonymous Music). What do you have planned for the show’s next episodes?

Bross: At the moment I’m vacationing. But as of September I’ll be coming back to the radio station with all new episodes of Roots Podcast and Roots Talk About, side by side with new friends and guests!

A.B.: Roots Talk About #3, which you hosted with Major Ross, combines interviewing with the tuneful sound of deep house. How did you come up with the idea of reviewing parties live and where is this project heading?

Bross: I’ve known Major Ross for quite some time and we both have the same taste in music and parties. Since he’s hailed as a great “film critic” (inside his circle of friends) one fateful afternoon, after a successful party, we decided to start doing Roots Talk About episodes where we would talk about parties and music: critique, retrospect, reviews, previews. With a dose of football slang – all within decency. Hahaha!

Bross & Roots

De vorbă cu Bross

A.B.: What other projects do you have underway with Deep House Bucharest? What’s your take on our picturesque electronic scene? What do you enjoy and what would you like to improve? Have you ever considered launching a label?

Bross: Deep House Bucharest is an ambitious project. It promotes music in its true essence, the people who produce it and those who get things done in this field. Soon they’ll have interviews and mixes coming from renowned djs and it brings me joy that something like this is happening here.

There’s also the daytime parties at Baraka, which will continue throughout the summer, every other week. Parties where we try to not just play music and have fun, but to also convey the most engaging and pleasant vibes possible to the people present. That place is amazing!!!

A.B.: I read you’re from Huşi – what’s the vibe down there, what do people do for fun and what sort of music do they listen to? I heard about Fantasy Easter Special, interesting concept, what’s next? The surrounding area also includes Vaslui, Iaşi, and just outside the border – Chişinău, did you liaise with the artists in those parts?

Bross: Huşi is a really cool city. Even if I haven’t lived there in 6 years, I still have friends I meet up with and host events with back home. Every time we arrive in Huşi, we throw parties and introduce youngsters to the field. It’s a city where you can have a party just with your closest friends, whatever their number, 10-30. But if the music is good people come together and sometimes even play for 12 hours straight. Last year on a lake shore I had my first b2b with Major Ross. It was an event where we danced for the entire 12 hours!

To get to the “roots”, Salas is the person who coached several djs in Huşi and also the one to get the vibe going in Fantasy, a location where quite a few Romanian djs performed (2006-2008).

As for the neighbouring towns, Iaşi is a city where interesting things are starting to happen, events with intriguing line-ups.

feeder insider w/Bross

Bross up close

A.B.: You’re also working in advertising, tell us how that relates to music and how it inspires you? Do the two complement each other or do they compete for your attention?

Bross: Advertising and music go well together. I have colleagues who play in bands, who are solo singers, djs. It’s a line of work which pushes your imagination and gives you freedom the same way music does (well, not as much). To me, they’re both very interesting and appeal to my thirst for knowledge every day!

A.B.: How is this summer coming together for you?

Bross: This summer is shaping up to be sunny, with weekend events and massive parties! Events outside of Bucharest (Airfield Festival, CantaCuzino Frequencies) and many new entries in the line-ups. This means a ton of fun, special people and a looooooot of dancing.

A.B.: To what extent is gear important and what are your favorite toys for corresponding with the audience?

Bross: The gear is of utmost importance when you’re mixing. A few days ago I stopped by a friend’s place to get acquainted to Traktor Kontroler X2, which is an amazing gadget that allows you to interfere with the tracks as you’re mixing, modify segments and create live moments. It just hit the top of my shopping list!

Feeder x Bross

A.B.: Last year in December you played alongside Golan, Filipp, Ada Kaleh, DJ Vasile, and other interesting guests at the Feeder Insider Launch Party in Eden Club, Bucharest. What do you think of the idea behind feeder insider? When and why did you first log into feeder.ro?

Bross: I like the people, I enjoy the music. Feeder has some very cool people and that’s what matters the most. Add in the good music and you’ve got yourself a great party 😀 The feeder party in Eden was a really successful one. The venue is one of my favorite places to dance, the sound was perfect and the music got under my skin! Looking forward to the next party with you guys!!!

Bye, Bross

P.S. To finish off one hell of a party!

Love, Bross.

A.B.: Thank you!


Words Alexandru Bogdan
Translation Violeta Nazare
Photo VJ VLC

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